KADAR "Infidel"

by Metal Scrap Records



The debut mini-album by Progressive Death Metal band from Kazakhstan.
“Infidel” - is explosive and unpredictable mixture of everything with everything. Yes, You heard right! Here You will hear the fusion of high-speed and very heavy Thrash and Death Metal, Heavy Metal and Jazz, as well as many other styles. The album has everything to catch every listener! Speed blast beats, bright and melodic solos, heavy and technical riffs and atypical for modern Metal musical twists.
Album is sure will impress fans of furious Thrash and Death Metal, and definitely will please fans of Melodic and Progressive directions. Strongly recommended for fans of: Pantera, Testament, Carcass, Death and simply delicious, tough, uncompromising and intelligent music!
Metal Scrap Records, 2014 (MSR084/DT).

1. Гордыня 03:59
2. I Am Infidel 03:51
3. С Улыбкой На Лице 03:29
4. The God’s Fault 03:11
5. Звёздный Свет 03:18
6. Child of Salvation 02:48
7. Outro 02:25
Total playing time: 23:05




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