THE WARD "Part Of Humanity"

by Metal Scrap Records



The second full-length album by Moldovian Atmospheric Death Metal band.
Aggression, heaviness and melody of MDM combined with dark and gloomy atmosphere of Doom Metal.
The lyrics are about feelings of people, who live in modern world, where thrives distortion of values and worsening conditions for a psychological state of humanity. This album is devoted to thoughts and feelings of people of various "stratums of society", who are poisoned with modern world's influence, the reasons for its occurrence and the values accumulated by generations, and lost by us.
The theme and atmosphere of the album emphasized by hard guitar riffs, a massive basis of the rhythm section, atmospheric and symphonic keyboards melodies, expressive and emotional growl.
Recommended for fans of: Septicflesh, Swallow The Sun, Opeth and Fleshgod Apocalypse!

1. End of Time 01:01
2. Megiddo 03:35
3. Towards Extinction 04:00
4. Under the Fire Garden 03:36
5. Death Monastery 04:15
6. The Ultimate Dream 03:40
7. In the Depths of Theories 05:54
8. Part of Humanity 08:39
9. Issued Blood 04:06
10. Flakes of Rapture 03:03
11. The Beginning of... 00:47
Total playing time: 43:01




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