2. SHADOW REBELS "Декілька годин кохання / A Few Hours Of Love"

  3. NIGHT ATTACK "The Initiation"

  4. SEVERED SUN "Catacombs"

  5. DRUKNROLL "Zero"

  6. EFYD "Like Shadows"

  7. SHADOW REBELS "On The Ride"

  8. OMEGA DIATRIBE "You Can't Save Me (Radio Edit)"

  9. 3000AD "Hole In The Sky"

  10. FAUSTTOPHEL "Ultimum Lupus"

  11. GROMADAH “Humility/СМИрение”

  12. GROMADAH "Маскарад / Masquerade"

  13. OMEGA DIATRIBE "Metanoia"

  14. DRUKNROLL "Freakingface"

  15. OMEGA DIATRIBE "Mirror Neuron"

  16. OMEGA DIATRIBE "Parallel"

  17. NATURA MORTA “Vile Masters Of Mankind”

  18. NECRONOMICON “Invictus”

  19. DRUKNROLL "Dead Phone"

  20. 3000AD “The Void”

  21. 3000AD "Cells"

  22. 3000AD "3000AD"

  23. DEFACE “Blatant Denial”

  24. FAUSTTOPHEL "No Liars Among The Fallen"


  26. EDELLOM "Sirens"

  27. TRANQUILLIZER 247 "Dziesięć"

  28. PEDOPHILE PRIESTS “Pedophile Priests”

  29. SHADOW REBELS "47"

  30. PEDOPHILE PRIESTS “Przeminęła”

  31. FAUSTTOPHEL "Крила / Wings"

  32. VADIKAN "Farewell"

  33. DRUKNROLL "Doomed Love"

  34. ADES NUMEN "War"

  35. CREPUSCOLO "You Tomb"

  36. OBSCURA QALMA "From The Sheol To The Apeiron"

  37. DESERT NEAR THE END "Of Fire And Stars"

  38. DESERT NEAR THE END “Earth And Water”

  39. ADES NUMEN "Breath Of Phobetor"

  40. DESERT NEAR THE END “Of Fire And Stars”

  41. MIRIUM "I Am Free"

  42. INIRA "Gray Painted Garden"

  43. LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS "Never Pretend"

  44. CIRCLE STORY "Uncovered Fears"

  45. SHAME YOURSELF "Driving Force"

  46. SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS "Historiocriticism"

  47. ADFAIL "Poetry Of Ruins"

  48. JUDGEMENT "Judgement"

  49. OMEGA DIATRIBE "Trinity"

  50. ARKVEID "Arkveid"

  51. DRUKNROLL "Unbalanced"

  52. PENETRUM "Instrument Of Delusion"

  53. HORTUS ANIMAE "Piove Sangue - Live In Banská Bystrica"

  54. CODE NOIR “Burn Card”

  55. LEGION OF WOLVES "Bringers Of The Dark Sleep"

  56. HESPERION "Живим... / Who Alive..."

  57. DARK MINISTRY "The Sermon Begins"

  58. 1000DEAD "1000Dead"

  59. DRUKNROLL "Bad Math"

  60. ARKANA CODE "Brutal Conflict"

  61. FROM THE SHORES "Of Apathy"

  62. QAANAAQ "Escape From The Black Iced Forest"

  63. SMYTE “Paradise Lost”

  64. DESERT NEAR THE END "Theater Of War"

  65. DIVINE WEEP "Tears Of The Ages"

  66. PHLEGMATIC TABLE “Chicken Hell”

  67. Metal Scrap Compilation #9 "Witchery Flames Of Underground Lust"

  68. BLACK CULT "Cathedral Of The Black Cult"

  69. SCARED TO LIVE "Leave"

  70. UNDERDAMPED SYSTEM "Phantom Pain"

  71. AETERNUS PROPHET "Виключення недомінантного матеріалу / Exclusion Of Non-Dominated Material"

  72. EX ANIMO "Neverday"

  73. FAUSTTOPHEL "Sancta Simplicitas"

  74. DRUKNROLL "In The Game / В Игре"

  75. DAN DEAGH WEALCAN "Fragmented Consciousness"

  76. MIND AFFLICTION "Into The Void"

  77. CYDIA "Victims Of System"

  78. KADAR "Essence"

  79. XPUS "Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth"

  80. PEDOPHILE PRIESTS "Dark Transgression Of The Soul"

  81. DIESEAR "Ashes Of The Dawn"

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  83. VA "Metal Scrap Records XX Years Anniversary" compilation

  84. SHADOW REBELS "Oversleep Hurricane"

  85. THE WARD "Part Of Humanity"

  86. STORMY ATMOSPHERE “Pent Letters”

  87. DRUKNROLL "Петля Мироздания / The Loop Of World Creation"

  88. PSYCHOPHOBIA "The Fall"

  89. PHLEGMATIC TABLE "Waiting For The Wolf"

  90. DAN DEAGH WEALCAN "Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?"

  91. VARANG NORD “Fire Of The North”

  92. JOINTSTEREO "Circles. EP"

  93. МРІЯ ЖИТТЯ / MRIYA ZHYTTYA "Відчуй / Feel"

  94. SUNLIGHT "My Own Truth"

  95. MIZANTROPIA "Забвение / Oblivion"

  96. CRIMSON SKY “Transcendental Trip”

  97. MY LAST SOLACE "Echoes Follower"

  98. I MISS MY DEATH "In Memories Presentation Show - Live In Kiev 2013"

  99. D.HATE "L. I. F. E."

  100. CRUENTA LACRYMIS "Sweetness And Blasphemy"

  101. ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance"

  102. AURON "Auron"

  103. DAN DEAGH WEALCAN "Two Straight Horizontal Lines And The Organized Chaos In Between: Director’s Cut"

  104. UNGRACE "Dead Ugly Hearts"

  105. BLOODY TERROR "Diaboli Celeritate"

  106. DESERT NEAR THE END "Hunt For The Sun"

  107. AZATHOTH CIRCLE "The Replacement"

  108. DREAMS OF VICTORY "Dreams Of Victory"

  109. LEAVE THE CIRCUS “Mindless Mass”

  110. CHAOS ENGINE RESEARCH "The Legend Written By An Anonymous Spirit Of Silence"

  111. STORMHOLD "The Lost World"

  112. KADAR "Infidel"

  113. THANKS FOR YOUR PAIN "Anywhere Is Everywhere"

  114. RAM-PAGE "The Retribution"

  115. THE PAINTS OF PAST MEMORIES "Distorted Reality"

  116. BLOODY HARVEST "Abstinence Syndrome"

  117. RED HILLS "Pleasure Of Destruction"

  118. MORTIS DEI "Salvation Never Comes"

  119. POMSTA "Sledgehammer"

  120. FORCEOUT "Bloodtale"


  122. SPATIAL "Silence"

  123. DRUKNROLL "Точка Кипения / Boiling Point"

  124. I MISS MY DEATH "In Memories"

  125. WINGS IN MOTION "Cyclicity"

  126. HALBERD “Ruthless Game”

  127. DEF/LIGHT "Transcendevil"

  128. MEMORAIN "Seven Sacrifices"

  129. RAM-PAGE "The Depths Of Rage"

  130. NAVALM "Recovery Of Sync"

  131. MOROR "Abyss"

  132. FAUSTTOPHEL "Thirst Of Oblivion"

  133. ARUNA AZURA "A Story Of A World’s Betrayal"

  134. LOCUS TITANIC FUNUS "Castus Lacrima"

  135. INSTORM "Madness Inside"

  136. UNGRACE "Feed The Demons"

  137. FORCEOUT "Delusion"

  138. DEATHEMBER FLOWER "Architect"

  139. VADIKAN "Hydrargyrum"

  140. MIND AFFLICTION "Pathetic Humanity"

  141. EDVIAN "2012"

  142. KARMA RAGE "soCium"

  143. LETHARGIA "Divine Madness"

  144. DIMICANDUM "The Legacy Of Gaia"

  145. SHAME YOURSELF "Wonderfuck"

  146. SYMURAN "Syklus Av Helheim"

  147. HELL:ON "Age Of Oblivion"

  148. SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS "Stupefying Beliefs"

  149. MAJESTY OF REVIVAL "Through Reality"

  150. REGICIDE DECEASE /CALCINED "Death Illumination - In Memory Of Evil Chuck"

  151. RAM-PAGE "Blooming Rust"

  152. INFECTED "Infected Geeration"

  153. CHRIST AGONY "Darkside"

  154. TARANTULO "Tarantulo"

  155. PERISHING HUMANITY "The Monument Of Human Lies And Hypocrisy"

  156. FLYING "Graceful Murder"

  157. SECTORIAL "Erase And Reborn The Humanity"

  158. DRUKNROLL "На Лезвии Ножа / On The Knife Blade"

  159. GROSS GROLLAND "What Doesn't Kill Me Makes A Big Mistake"

  160. CRUSHER "Endless Torment"

  161. UNITED MIND CLUB "World Blood History"

  162. FATAL ERROR "Conglomerate"

  163. VOICE OF MIDNIGHT "Bifrost"

  164. HELL:ON “Re:Born”

  165. CYDIA "Evil Sun/Злое Солнце"

  166. ECLIPSE "Triumph of the Pain"

  167. D.HATE "Game With Ghosts"

  168. CRYOGENIC IMPLOSION "Creation Of The New World"

  169. NEURONIA “Follow The White Mouse”

  170. DAMMERUNG "Dark Poetry"

  171. AUTHORITY OF HATE "Crackdown"

  172. C-300 "Наказание Aнгела / Scourge Of Angel"

  173. QUO VADIS "Infernal Chaos"

  174. CRYPTIC “Infinite Torment”

  175. ECLIPSE “Grind, Suffer, Dreams”

  176. MALICE "Symphony Of Dakness"

  177. TANGORODREAM "Under The Foreveryoung Sky"



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