JOINTSTEREO "Circles. EP" /Digital EP/

by Metal Scrap Records



Debut EP by Russian Atmospheric Progressive Post-Metal/Rock band.
Jointstereo was always known to avoid narrow stylistic niches, whatsoever. The extensive musical exposure and wide range of musical likes help Jointestereo make the music “on the go”; hence their stylistic diversity of music. This helps Jointstereo avoid self-copicatting and release diverse material without giving up on the signature mood, atmosphere and style. The style of this band can be described as Atmospheric Rock with Progressive elements, approximate to the Post-Metal.
Lyrics mostly deal with the dark states of mind, based on religious and philosophical views and scientific theories thus going way beyond personal feelings and self-reflections.
Conceptually, record sessions were all about achieving live and natural sound; hence the Rock legends of the past, used as a go-by during mastering and the numerous analogue devices in the record path. The release therefore can be viewed as an eclectic and post-modernistic one (in a good sense of this word).
Highly recommended for fans of: Katatonia, Anathema, Callisto, The Ocean, and Ghost Brigade!
Another Side Records, 2015 (ASR10-101/DT).

1. Circles, Pt. 1
2. Ouroboros
3. Fractal Universe
4. Circles, Pt. 2




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